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Academy Overview


The TCSC Academy Program focuses on the complete development of each player ages 2010-2014 birth year for the  2019-20 season. The academy provides an educational environment for boys and girls to learn through playing while emphasizing the process of technical development and gradual tactical understanding.

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2010-2014 Boys & Girls

Enhanced development training for  players seeking opportunities to play teams across South Texas. 

 If you missed tryouts for the 2019-2020 seasonal year, please contact Louis Murchison, 

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Academy Travel Registration link for families chosen for the fall 2019 & spring 2020 teams.


Academy Overview

Program Goals

 The TCSC Academy Program focuses on the complete development of each player. The academy provides an educational environment for boys and girls to learn through playing while emphasizing the process of technical development and gradual tactical understanding. 

Home Games are held at Summit Soccer Complex and away matches are held in the greater Austin area - typically an hour drive from Killee/Harker Heights.

  • To emphasize player development over team development and focus on the technical development of each child without the pressures of short-term wins/losses/results.   
  • To develop ball skill and decision-making in the game. 
  • To create a fun and dynamic atmosphere for players.    
  • To help educate parents on how to understand the sport and their role as a support of their child’s development. 
  • To prepare younger players for the eventual transition into competitive select soccer. 
  • To offer a program that will follow recommendations and guidelines from US Youth Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation for small-sided play.

TCSC Curriculum:

3 days of training per week on a 12 week cycle - All academy level teams will train together at the same date & times. 1 day of technical foot skills training & 2 days of team training. The emphasis on technical development of the player is our focus, NOT the wins or losses.

Technical development - TCSC will follow the guidelines recommended by US Soccer Federation in developing young players in zone one of soccer development. Here are a few of the topics in program:

  • Passing & Passing
  • Shooting & Running with the ball
  • Turning
  • Receiving to turn
  • Shooting
  • Shielding

Tactical development - TCSC will introduce the attacking principles of play through 1v1, 2v1, 3v1 3v2, 4v3 & 4v4 games. Here are a few topics in program:

  • Possession
  • Playing out of the back
  • Combination play
  • Transition
  • Finishing in the final third

Core training for Academy:

Ball Mastery – use of both feet and multiple surfaces, encourage players to experiment with all turns, tricks and skills whereas to develop their technical confidence with the ball. All players are developed to be dribblers first.

Shapes & Support - develop the concept of triangle and diamond shapes by supporting the player on the ball. Thus giving players more options to keep the ball rather than just kick it away.

Small Sided Environments - 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 free play within each training session. This will allow players to experiment, to maximize development though multiple contacts on the ball & to recognize the triangle and diamond shape within the game.

Independent Player Thinking - encourage the players to think for themselves and solve soccer problems with the skills we have taught. Our coaches guide players to the answers by asking questions rather than telling them the answer. Thereby creating independent thinkers who will play the game and solve soccer problems without the coach constantly telling them what to do in any given scenario. This leads to longer term information retention and higher levels of skill acquisition.


TCSC Academy Implementation:
The Academy will be player-centered and not team-centered (no set rosters).   A player could start on one team and move to other teams several times during a season.  He/she can make moves to other teams several times in a single day (festival).  The idea is that the game needs to be challenging for the individual.   Players will be rostered with their birth year and will become guest players when moved to another team.

The Academy experience should be fun for the players.  We believe introducing and keeping fair competition will give Academy players a sense of accomplishment and a reason to train hard. 

TCSC will provide an environment that will allow players to succeed as well as fail in order to learn to handle failure and deal with adversity. We want players to develop skills and place these players in situations where they will need to make decisions under pressure.

TCSC will build an emphasis on technical development and not build success on teams wins/losses/standings. 

TCSC will provide education for parents that wins & losses are NOT only metric of success in a player's development in a team sport. 

Training will be 3 times per a week for a 12-week program.  Monday will be mandatory skills training.  There will be 2 training sessions with their trainers/coaches during the week as well.  The training will be conducted in pool style.   Pools will be created according to ability. 

Each team will still require a volunteer coach and manager.  The volunteer coach will be at all training/events and will coach the team during competition if the trainer is with another team.  The manager’s responsibility will be communication with the coaches, trainers and opponents of team events.

Player expectations: work hard; respond positively to coaching; high attendance record @ training and games; be punctual (early) for all club activities; dress appropriately in TCSC attire; adhere to TCSC core values; practice regularly to develop skills.

Age Group Overview

The yearly Academy Program is for players 7-10 years of age. Typically, the player evaluations are held in mid-May for the following fall & spring teams. 

For the upcoming year fall 2019 & Spring 2020:

Players born in the year 2010-2014.

Fee Structure if player selected

Registration for the year:

  • $550 -payment options available


  • $102+ - 2 sets of uniforms,  2 training tees

Tournament fee:

  • Typically teams will attend local tournaments 4 times per year. The fee is divide among each player, average $30-40 per tournament.


  • Each parent is responsible for transportation to the games & training. With a strong military community, many make new friends  & share rides. 

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