Competitive Travel

Competitive Travel Overview


The TCSC Competitive Travel Program focuses on the complete development of each player. The program provides an educational environment for boys and girls to learn through playing while emphasizing the process of technical development and gradual tactical understanding.

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2000-2012 Boys & Girls

TCSC has concluded their annual tryouts for the 2018-19 seasonal year. If you have missed tryouts & searching for a team, please contact Louis Murchison:

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Registration link for the players: fall 2018 & spring 2019 teams.

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Competitive Travel Overview

Competitive Overview


Tri-County Soccer Club Competitive Travel Program is a program devoted to developing young athletes. TCSC provides a competitive environment with qualified staff and a curriculum built to improve young athletes in the four components of the game: physically, technically, tactically and psychologically. TCSC age appropriate curriculum is inspired by U.S Soccer and is designed to prepare young athletes with the necessary skills to pursue soccer opportunities such Olympic development program, college, and the professional level.

The travel teams are identify by the following categories:

  • JR Academy 2018-19 ( birth year 2013-2014) 
  • Academy 2018-19 season year ( birth year 2009-2012)
  • Junior travel 2018-19 season year (birth year 2005-2008)
  • Senior travel 2018-19 season year (birth year 2000-2004)  

The time and travel commitment will vary depending upon the team's age group and level. Competitive teams typically train 2-3 times per week beginning in August through November during the fall season and mid-January through April for players in the academy and junior divisions. Senior competitive teams typically will start on the weekends as early as February during high school season and play through May. 

TCSC teams play in South Texas Youth Soccer Association, with typical travel games in the greater Austin or San Antonio area. Most travel time range one hour to two hours travel.

Fee Structure

The yearly program is for players born in the year 2000-2008 years of age.

For the upcoming year fall 2018 & spring 2019: Players born in the year 2000-2008.

Fee Structure if player selected
Registration for the year:

  • $550 -payment options available


  • $175 - 2 sets of uniforms, backpack, 2 training tees, warm-up top & bottom or 
  • $210 - 3 uniform set of uniforms, backpack 2 training tees, warm-up top & bottom

Tournament fee:

  • Typically teams will attend local tournaments 4 times per year. The fee is divide among each player, average $40-50 per tournament.


  • Each parent is responsible for transportation to the games & training. With a strong military community, many make new friends  & share rides. 


TCSC Academy & Competitive cost

TCSC has concluded their annual tryouts for the 2018-19 seasonal year. 

If you missed tryouts and searching for a team, please contact Louis Murchison,

TCSC has a new payment plan for the upcoming season:

Academy, D2 & Alpha

Payment Plans – $550.00. Payments are made online with optional payment plans for the year. 

  • Full Payment – $550.00. Full payment of $550.00 on initial registration.

  • 2 Split Payments - $550.00.

            1. Initial Payment: $275.00

            2. September 1st: $275.00

  • 3 Split Payments - $550.00.

           1. Initial Payment: $200.00

           2. September 1st: $175.00

           3. October 1st: $175.00

  • 4 Split Payments - $550.00.

           1. Initial Payment: $175.00

           2. September 1st: $125.00

           3. October 1st: $125.00

           4. November 1st: $125.00

Due to the rising cost in WDDOA & STYSA for higher level competitions, there is an additional cost for teams playing in Challenger, Prime, State Classic & Premier teams. Payments plans are available: 

  • Challenger - total $625.00
  • Prime - total $675.00
  • State Classic & Premier - total $725.00

Please visit our FAQ  information sheet for additional details.


Registration Links

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