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TCSC Recreational Soccer conducts two seasons each year at Lions Park in Killeen, TX.



 Registration for the winter 2020 league is now open. 

The cost for the league is $65 per player. Discounts are available for multi-family account player registration. 

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Charlen Myszka: Recreational Supervisor


Phone:  254-291-6689 


Heather Sanchez: Customer Communications




Building the Love of the Game


TCSC Recreational Soccer provides a fun and enjoyable soccer program for the beginning & casual players held at Lions Park in Killeen, TX. 

Tri-County Soccer Club is the largest youth soccer club in Bell County and in a partnership with the city of Killeen, started offering Recreational Youth Soccer in the Summer of 2014.  Today, our recreational program is home to over 1400 players, girls and boys, ages four to fifteen, participate in both winter & summer seasons. 

The purpose of recreational soccer is to provide the best experience for all levels of players in a safe, progressive environment, developing their love the game. 

Coached by volunteers, recreational teams play at Lions Park Soccer Fields, Depending on the age group, players can have up to two practices a week in addition to a game on Saturday.  All players are required to wear shin guards and proper footwear, and players receive a team jersey each season as part of the registration fee.  

There is plenty to learn in our progressive recreational program.  Our youngest players start with fewer players on the field, a smaller ball, no goalkeepers and coaches right out on the field guiding them as they go.  As the players mature, the elements of the game change.  Field size, number of players and ball size gradually increase, and we see the addition of goalies and finally referees are added to the mix.  This progressive process is designed in an age-appropriate manner that grows with the child. 

TCSC welcomes children of all skill levels and abilities to play in our recreational program.  We believe that soccer provides a great vehicle to learn life’s many lessons.  Through the game kids stay fit, learn how to be part of a team and meet new friends, but they also build their confidence, communication skills and ability to meet and solve new challenges.  


Winter & Summer 2020 Birth Year Divisional Play. Typically 7-9 games pending on the number of teams:

4U – 2016 Birth Year

  • Parent Volunteer led teams with TCSC Staff assistance
  • Small-Sided   coed games
  • 3v3 –   no goalies
  • Size   #3 ball
  • Players receive a jersey and medal 

5U – 2015 Birth Year 

6U – 2014 Birth Year

  • Practice   once per week
  • Small-Sided   coed games
  • 3v3 –   no goalies
  • Size   #3 ball
  • Players receive a jersey and medal 

7U – 2013 Birth Year

8U – 2012 Birth Year

  • Practice   twice per week
  • 4v4 –   no goalies
  • Add   throw-ins, corner & goal kicks
  • Size   #4 ball
  • Players receive a jersey and medal

9U – 2011 Birth Year

10U – 2010 Birth Year

  • Practice   twice per week
  • 7v7   format
  • Keepers
  • No   Heading or Punting
  • Size   #4 ball
  • Players receive a jersey and medal 
  • Knockout tournament

11U – 2009 Birth Year

12U – 2008 Birth Year

  • Practice   twice per week
  • 9v9   format
  • Size   #4 ball
  • Players receive a jersey and medal
  • Knockout tournament

13U – 2007 Birth Year

14U – 2006 Birth Year

15U – 2005 Birth Year

  • Practice  twice per week
  • 7v7 or  11v11 format
  •  Size   #5 ball 
  • Players receive a jersey and medal 
  • Knockout tournament



Registration Overview


 Tri-County Soccer Club registration is now open from October 1- December 31, 2019 for the Winter League 2020.

The cost for registration is $65. We are unable to honor any request for late registrations. 

Winter League 2020.

General Timeline:

  • Practices begins January 20, 2020.
  • Games begin February 22, 2020.
  • Coaches meeting January 8, 2020- coaches meet the TCSC staff for the final roster, schedule and review of the rules.
  • Coaches should contact the parents January 8-19, 2020 to set up meeting and practice dates.
  • Official practices can begin week of January 20 - January 24, 2020.
  • Season concludes with a Knockout Tournament week of April 11, 2020.
  • Games during the week of March 2-5, 2020 to avoid spring break weekends. 
  • Fields Closed for Spring break March 6-15, 2020.

Items needed for season for the player:

  • Shin Guards
  • Soccer Cleats - no toe cleat (no football or baseball cleat) 
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. 
  • Soccer ball - Please write players name on the ball to help identify if ball becomes lost.

Fee Structure


Winter & Summer 2020 - $65 per child

Multiple players discount is available through the family account.

Team jersey is provided with the registration.

Players responsible for proper cleats, shin guards, shorts & socks.

Registration, Map & Video Links

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